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Duel Brewing

A Belgian Style Brewery located in downtown ABQ, Serving Food & Local New Mexican Beer.

Honest and well intentioned ideas create uniqueness. Duel Brewing’s goal is to create distinction among an ever-crowding field of breweries and taprooms. This requires a constant attention to process, communication and creative risk taking. Traditionally throughout time, beer has brought human beings together under one roof; to talk, laugh, disagree and to ultimately realize; as a people, we’re more common than different. Desire, ambition, and struggle are shared. These dynamics create our personal needs to shift thinking, evolve efforts and to finally, dream outside of ourselves. This is where life begins! How do we fit and when might we not want to fit? Duel is committed. Find out for yourself what this tastes like!

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The Boiler Monkey Bistro

The Boiler Monkey began in a 1977 Crown school bus in 2011. Outfitted in steam-punk decor with owner/operator Matt at the crepe iron, it was Albuquerque’s first food truck bustaurant. We rocked the local mobile eatery scene and earned national recognition for the custom design, but after two years on the road The Boiler Monkey set down roots; now permanently located within an industrial modern space right downtown. We are as passionate about our community and neighborhood as we are about the food and coffee we serve. Matt has expanded the menu with many more food options, and beer and wine in addition to our famous crepe and coffee selection. 

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Boese Brothers Brewery

Boese Brothers Brewery is a family and veteran owned craft brewery located in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque. Boese offers a selection of easy drinking classic beers and two to three seasonal offerings. Located in the heart of downtown 601 Gold Ave SW.

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The OT Circus is a non-profit organization located in heart of downtown Albuquerque. Our mission is to aid in establishing wellness, increase function, and transform lives of individuals through occupational therapy and exercise in the most holistic, enjoyable, and highest sustainable way possible. The OT Circus is a pathway we created to connect the occupational therapy profession with the community of ABQ to come together to create art, music, friendships.

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Enchanted Popup

Enchanted Pop-Up is a collective of artist and businesses working together to promote the diverse arts and style of New Mexico. Enchanted Pop-Up's mission is to unify artist throughout New Mexico, by organizing regional events that allow local artist and businesses to engage with the community. Contact Enchanted Popup for your business or organization for your next event. Our events include vendors, live music and live performances from some of New Mexico's most talented group of creatives.

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Abbey Brewing Company, LLC

Abbey Brewing Company, on the grounds of and affiliated with the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert, continues the 1300-year tradition of monastic brewing, crafting fine beers that are made with "care and prayer"®. Our dedication to quality comes from the 6th Century document (the Rule of Saint Benedict) written by Saint Benedict. It instructs each monk to bring all good works to perfection for the glory of God (Prologue:4).

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